Default favicon and robots

This is a quick post to share something I experimented with today to figure out. Perhaps it’ll be helpful to you on your sites. I finally got fed up with the fact that, no matter what, when I have a blank new site, the browsers (and search engines) all insist on requesting a favicon.ico and […]

Desktop vs. Mobile… an exploration of site delivery

So, I’m nearing the full beta release of a desktop site/webapp I’ve been building for awhile. And one thing I realized is that the design/UX of the site works great for desktop and probably is too much for most smartphones (maybe not ipads) to really be that usable. So, it occurs to me ways that […]

“(pre)Maturely Optimize…” revisited

I wrote an article for Script Junkie (Microsoft) awhile back, and it was just published this week: (pre)Maturely Optimize Your JavaScript. In it, I make several against-the-grain assertions, which not surprisingly have ruffled quite a few feathers. To start out with, I’m attacking head-on the prevailing “fear” around doing anything in your code that even […]

On Script Loaders

Comment Two recent projects have come out that attempt to address the “dynamic script loader” use case: HeadJS and ControlJS. Since I’m the creator of LABjs, a general, all-purpose, performance-oriented dynamic script loader that’s been around for about a year and a half now, and is well-known enough to be in use on several major […]

You’ve got your orange thing, I’ve got my square

If you haven’t noticed yet, almost every one of my blog posts starts out as a twitter conversation. There must be a pattern there. So, today, I’m going to address the bigger issues around the question I first asked, which started off the conversation, seems inefficient: emulating a DOM (built up w/ server-side JS)…which then […]

Some better than none: sync vs. async in ssjs

This past week, I had a fantastic time travelling over to Warsaw, Poland for Front Trends 2010 conference. I was very honored to be invited to speak, and I gave the most recent incarnation of my talk on middle-end UI architecture, Rise of the Middle End (slides). Overall, the reaction in discussions over beer, feedback/ratings, […]