LABjs and W3C… brief update

Just wanted to post a quick update to the ongoing discussion on where things currently stand with LABjs and the breaking changes in Mozilla and Webkit trunks precipitated by some incomplete wording in W3C spec. A really long thread on W3C public-html list has been brewing over the past few weeks regarding the fact that […]

Mozilla & LABjs… part 2

This post is the immediate “part 2” follow-up to Mozilla & LABjs: the story unfolds. Definitely read that before proceeding to read here. As I mentioned at the beginning of that previous post, I am writing to address the points raised in the comment by the Mozilla developer who was responsible for the change in […]

Mozilla & LABjs: The story unfolds

If you’re not yet up to speed on the drama with the new FF4 nightly (aka “minefield”) and how it affects the performance functionality (“preloading”) of LABjs, I encourage you to read that previous post. Brief Summary LABjs has a performance oriented feature (pretty much the 98% reason why LABjs even exists) called “preloading” which […]

FF4, script loaders, and order preservation

This has certainly been an eventful day so far. I woke up this morning to this ominous tweet from @3rdEden. I thought surely I was reading that wrong, but I scrambled to try and install a copy of FF4 nightly (aka “minefield”) to try and confirm. Sadly, a few minutes later, I confirmed that it […]