Adaptive Hybrid JavaScript

The ideas I’m about to dump here are not new. I came up with them 4+ years ago (and it probably was not unique to me), but I coined a term for my formulation of it: middle-end. That link redirects you to a series of posts I wrote back then exploring my ideas. I also […]

Tale of Two -ends

TL;DR If this post is too long for you to read, then you may not fully understand my motivations for this discussion or my proposal. However, if you’re already well familiar with SPA architecture background and want to just skip to my concerns about SPAs and modern session IDs, please do so! This post is […]

Silly Rabbit… Frameworks are for Prototypes

There’s a running theme on this blog, if you’ve read many of my posts. It’s that most posts come as a result of some fireshit-storm I set off on twitter or wherever else when I make a claim that almost everyone seems to disagree with. I then feel the obligatory incumbency to at least explain […]

Some better than none: sync vs. async in ssjs

This past week, I had a fantastic time travelling over to Warsaw, Poland for Front Trends 2010 conference. I was very honored to be invited to speak, and I gave the most recent incarnation of my talk on middle-end UI architecture, Rise of the Middle End (slides). Overall, the reaction in discussions over beer, feedback/ratings, […]

Why Node.js rocks the middle-end

If you’re even moderately involved in the JavaScript world these days (and you probably are if you’re reading this blog) you would have to be dead asleep to not have noticed and heard some of the hype and celebration for the poster-child for server-side JavaScript: Node.js. I regularly follow the chatter on the interwebs, and […]

Middle-end your CMS

Continuing my ongoing efforts to simplify the middle-end, this post will focus on a high-level discussion of how you might start to adjust and adapt the middle-end concepts (CVC pattern) for use in a CMS environment, for instance a WordPress blog. As with everything else I’ve presented so far, I have no cleanly packaged “install” […]