The posts I should be writing…

This is a <meta> post… mostly for myself, not for you. But you can read it if you’d like.

Here are the blog posts I know I should be writing, if only I had the time (in no particular order). Basically, this is just my TODO list (with an infinitely open-ended completion deadline):

  • OSS, minus contribution: the OSS community has become too heavily weighted toward publishing/self-promotion, and lost much of the contribution component. why? because too many people are scared to put their code out there.
  • Rethinking “modular”: what you call “modular” is not. this needs re-examination.
  • For and against let: let’s talk about how ES6’s let should and should not be used. Update: For and against let
  • “Error” vs Error("Error"): rethink how we are using errors and try..catch (or not!) in our code.
  • Generators… what the *?: my case for why we should style generators as function *foo(..) instead of function* foo(..).
  • Script loaders; the news of my death has been greatly exaggerated: why script loaders are going to make a big comeback pretty soon.
  • APIs as Apps (or, UI Optional): The future of apps may have little to do with the UI. They might just become distributed data APIs.
  • Arrow Minus Function: Address the misconceptions and stupidity around ES6’s coming “fat arrow” function (=>).
  • Stop calling it ‘Isomorphic JavaScript’, mammals!: The term “isomorphic” is thrown around these days for JS that gets reused in both node and in the browser. This is a bogus term.

There’s probably a lot more to add to this list that I’ve already forgotten. But hopefully I can come back and keep this list updated as new ideas come up or (rarely) I actually get to write the post.

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